Senior Year Is Here

Celebrate you! Every student has a unique journey that led them to where they are today… A Senior’s runway into post-high-school life wouldn’t be paved without many twists and turns. That is why it’s so important to honor these character-building commitments, occurrences, or adversities—that undoubtedly make you who you are today.  What better way to capture these moments before they pass by, than with a senior year photo shoot!

Graduating High School only happens once, so to make sure it is remembered forever, getting professional photos is essential.  You can’t go back to this time, but professional photos of your seniors will keep the memories from fading.  It took lots of work to reach this point, so make sure it is never forgotten.

Prop Ideas

Props elevate your photo shoot to the next level! They help tell your story give your photo shoot new dimension!

When it comes to styling Senior Portrait images with props, I believe the greatest combination is to include items that you are important to your in everyday life and your hobbies. Tell short stories about your journey, your day, and yourself that will help you remember this moment in time!


What sports do you play?

  • sports jersey

  • baseball bats

  • footballs

  • soccer balls

  • hockey Sticks

  • pompoms

  • any other sports equipment 

What are you passionate about?

  • pets

  • your car

  • your instrument 

  • traveling

  • collections

  • video games

  • favorite food or beverage

  • books or academics items

Let's have some fun!

  • personalized signs

  • balloons

  • confetti

  • smoke bombs

  • college announcement

  • fun accessories

  • sentimental items

What To Wear?

  • Make sure to plan your outfits ahead of time to make sure you have plenty of time to choose your final outfits for your session. 

  • When choosing an outfit the location of the area comes into play.  Not all colors and styles look great in all locations.  So make sure you plan your outfits to coordinate with your shoot location. 

  • Solid color outfits with more muted and neutral colors work best in senior photos, because they are less distracting and allow the attention to be focused on you. However, make sure that whatever you choose to wear, neutral or bright colors, you feel comfortable and confident in your outfits. 

  • Be sure to have the outfits you choose for your session reflect you, and show off your personality. 

  • To allow for quick and easy changes from outfit to outfit, wear an undershirt or camisole and proper undergarments for each outfit you bring. 

  • When planning jewelry for your shoot make sure that each piece goes with the others, and two pieces worn with the same outfit don’t clash

Hair & Makeup

Session day isn’t a time I recommend trying something new with your hair. Style your hair in a way that makes you feel confident and comfortable! If you do want to try something different, give it a test run (or two) before your session day.

If you would like your hair and/or makeup done for you, I highly recommend Crystal Vazquez who offers on site hair and makeup. You can find more information about her services at

Just like with your hairstyle, photo days aren’t the best days for trying new makeup looks. Everything you wear should be something that makes you feel your best!

For face makeup, I encourage you to make sure your foundation does match your skin (especially if you’ve recently done self-tanner) and is well blended. You don’t have to wear a bold lipstick, but something in a shade close to your natural lip color helps define them in such a beautiful way!

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! I want to capture the person you are! Our time together is meant to capture moments that you’ll look back on and smile about, so be YOU.


If you are looking for sunny, color filled photos, getting your senior photos done the late spring or summer months before your senior year is exactly what you need.  With summer portraits you can have your shoot by the beach or with the flowers. If you want your portraits to be filled with the turning leaves and fall breeze, then getting your portraits done the fall of your senior year would be perfect for you! We are happy to provide a list of possible locations and are always open to new suggestions for a truly memorable experience!