Why You Should Print and Display Photos

I recently attended the Imaging USA convention in Washington, D.C., and had the opportunity to see firsthand all of the different products that my favorite Professional Print Lab has to offer. I understand that digital copies of your photos are ideal for sharing online, but how often do you print and display them when you receive them this way? This got me thinking about all of the reasons why you should print and display your photos...

It makes the photos come to light

These photos capture an important moment in your life and printing the photos allows you to see them in a different way. Photos online are quickly scrolled passed and forgotten, whereas the physical photos create emotions digital ones cannot. The existence of a printed photo is different from a digital one making it an important part of your world.

It gives a stronger experience

The images scrolled through online are so easily forgotten, but printing them can give them a stronger experience. Images that have been printed and become physical can be remembered forever. The emotions and experience created by printed photographs are so much more than those created by just digital images.

Creates something real

There is a greater satisfaction that is achieved from receiving your printed photos. Being able to see them and have them physically in front of you creates a greater level of importance that those photos hold. They can inspire you, and cheer you on, and remind you of this time in your life years from now.

Allow you to show off your favorite memories

Not only will you be able to enjoy seeing your photos physically in front of you, but your friends and family can as well. Getting your photos printed gives you the opportunity to share them with relatives and friends. Having printed photos displayed in your house allows you to share these important moments with those important to you.

Technology is unreliable

Technology is unpredictable and you never know when those files with your family vacation or high school graduation will no longer be compatible with your devices. Not only that but what happens if your computer crashes, or your phone restarts. At the end of the day without printed photos, you’ll always be in jeopardy of losing those precious memories.

JPEG files deteriorate

Over time these files begin to slowly deteriorate leaving those beautiful pictures to lose their quality. It doesn’t happen quickly but when looking back on those memories years from now, you’ll want their quality to be as good as the day they were taken. Having physical printed photos will allow the quality of the photos to stay the same, allowing you to be able to look back on the memories for years to come.

They can be passed down

There have been psychological studies done stating that children who know about their families history have higher self esteem, and are more ready to face challenges. One of the best ways to preserve family history is with photographs, and with the changing world who knows what will happen to digital photos. Printing your photos allows you to save and pass down these memories for generations.

You’re not really looking at them online

When viewing pictures online you aren’t really looking at them in the way you would if they were printed. By printing your photos and displaying them on your walls and in your home, you can see them all the time. It allows them to be viewed in a different way when they are displayed throughout your home than if you were to look at them through a computer screen.

Albums are valuable memories holders

Getting a physical album eternalizes the pictures. These memories can be looked back on years from now without the worries of data loss on your computer. These albums can become a bonding tool for generations to come.

Grandparents and relatives love physical photos

Grandparents and relatives don’t always have easy access to the online photos, but love to keep these memories around their house. Having printed photos to share with your loved ones is a way to feel connected to each other, even from far away.

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