When Should You Book Senior Portraits?

Many seniors have their senior portraits taken before the start of their senior year; having your senior portraits taken early means you'll have one less thing to worry about once you're a senior! The summer before your senior year and the fall of your senior year can be excellent times to have your portraits taken; however, check with your school to find out when yearbook photos are due!

If you are looking for sunny, color filled photos, getting your senior photos done the summer months before your senior year is exactly what you need. With the warmth of the summer sun you will have many more options for the clothing you would like to wear without worrying about the cold. Along with this, getting your photos taken over the summer would allow you to show off your great summer tan.

If you want your portraits to be filled with the turning leaves and fall breeze, then getting your portraits done the fall of your senior year would be perfect for you. The cooler temperatures would allow you to comfortably wear jeans and not worry about being too warm. Another pro to getting photos done in the fall months is the colors of fall go great in any home allowing you to decorate any room with your senior photos.

Keep in mind that if you participate in fall sports or have a demanding academic schedule, scheduling during the summer or on a weekend is ideal. These preferred dates fill up quickly, so don't wait to get on the schedule!

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