Justine and Zach's 10th Wedding Anniversary

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

It brings so much joy to me that I was able to stand next to my best friend Justine as she married Zach ten years ago, and now capture these moments for them as they celebrate their Tenth Wedding Anniversary.

Justine and Zach began their session in true celebratory style with a bottle of champagne and a toast using their Champagne glasses from their wedding reception.

I then followed them through the trails and bridges to capture real moments of joy and laughter shared between them until we stopped in a beautiful spot with weeping willow trees (my favorite!) and a small pond to take beautiful golden hour shots.

The location

One of my favorite areas in central Massachusetts is this conservation in Leominster. It has a perfect variety of beauty landscape, bridges and even a small pond. It is always so peaceful here and never over crowded. It’s amazing place for any type of photo shoot or to take a picnic or hike.


Justine and Zach's color scheme is perfect for the time of year along with their tones being semi muted with just a pop of color in Justine’s dress. So many people have complimented on Justine's dress so I am going to include the link for her awesome Amazon find!


Happy Anniversary Justine & Zach!

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