Holiday Mini Sessions - What to Wear

Holiday Mini Sessions will be here soon. I'm guessing that means you might be wondering what to wear! I'm your photographer so please know that I would love to help you out. Just like other seasons, I suggest you start with picking a neutral tone that fits the winter season. A beige for the Holidays is an excellent choice. Then incorporate a few accent colors like maroon or evergreen. Don't be afraid to add some patterns or accent jewelry but nothing too busy that will take away from focusing on you and your family!

Another bit of advice... Don’t try to match. Pick outfits and accessories that coordinate instead. Outfits should compliment each one another, rather than blend together and this will also create a gorgeous contrast in your images. I know a lot of clothes for kids have them but it's better to avoid logos. Same goes for busy patterns and large designs. Finally, always wear something that you feel comfortable in! This will truly represent you.

I highly recommend checking out Old Navy for there selection of Coordinating Family Clothes.

Can't wait to see everyone for their Holiday Photos! Haven't booked your session yet? Get on the Holiday list now by clicking here.

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