Easter Mini Sessions are Here!

I would normally be excited to say this, but I am extra excited to say…Easter Minis are here! Last year Easter Minis were cancelled due to Covid and it was an incredible let down. This year though we are up and running better than ever in the Studio! Book your spot here now!

With these sessions starting soon you might be wondering what your little ones should wear and I would love to help you out! For Easter, I highly recommend Spring Pastel Colors. Do not be afraid to incorporate some patterns or but nothing too busy that will take away from focusing on you!

Do not try to match. Pick outfits and accessories that coordinate instead. Outfits should complement each one another, rather than blend together and this will also create contrast in your images. Avoid logos, busy patterns and large designs on your clothing as well. Finally, always wear something that you feel comfortable in and truly represents you!

I found this adorable Brand “Hope and Henry” on Amazon that even had its own Easter guide on what to wear. You can find it here

If you are not able to make it to Easter Minis, I will be doing digital enhancements again just like last year which were a huge hit! Check out all of the options here.

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