Back to School Mini Sessions

With so much uncertainty this year around school, the good news is that all our kids ARE going back! Whether it's hybrid, remote or home-school, a new school year brings a new beginning that many people look forward to. And with this also comes many traditions… Shopping for new outfits, finding out which teachers you have and what friends are in your class and my favorite, back to school pictures. I plan to continue these traditions as best as I can this year with my own children to provide a little normalcy in a world where that is a scarce word these days!!

I debated back and forth with whether to do these mini sessions or not, but ultimately it was a great way to keep tradition alive for us! My son was an awesome model and loved that we incorporated a laptop to represent the remote portion of school this year along with some more traditional aspects. Since school is starting a bit later this year, these sessions will be held August 29th and I will include the link below. I look forward to seeing everyone’s back to school outfits and hearing their plans for the new school year!

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For those who are not comfortable coming out for a session but still want to do something special I will be doing back to school composites as well. All you will need to do is pick template send a picture you have already taken and I will create it for you! I will include the templates below, please email info@hillarylynnphotography for more details.

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