Elevate Your Brand

What if the answer to attracting more of your ideal clients is good-quality and consistent images?

Every business should have a collection of content to use for social media, website updates and brand representation. Personal and business branding photos are an arsenal of content for your business to use across all your marketing platforms. Consider it a one-of-a-kind editorial shoot tailored to promote you, your brand, and your company.

Your personal branding session will be tailored to your unique brand. Portraits, team photos, stock images, flat lays, and video snippets, among other things, may be included, depending on your needs. They can be taken at the studio, your office, workplace, or even outdoors or at a neighborhood café, depending on how we portray your business.

Prop Ideas

Props elevate your photo shoot to the next level! They help communicate your story to your customers and give your photo shoot new dimension. If you're planning a photo session for your brand or business, use the prop ideas below as inspiration.

When it comes to styling brand images with props, I believe the greatest combination is to include products that you use in your regular life as well as in your business. Tell short stories about your company, your day, and yourself that will help your ideal client connect with you.


What are your morning rituals?

  • making tea

  • cuddling with your pet

  • doing your makeup

  • meditating with crystals

  • diffusing essential oils

  • burning sage & Palo Santo

  • journaling

What are you passionate about?

  • animals and pets

  • specialty beverages

  • sports and games

  • favorite foods

  • health and fitness

  • mindfulness and meditation

  • nature and the environment

  • reading and writing

What items do you use while working?

  • laptop

  • glasses

  • journals or planners

  • calendar

  • pens/pencils

  • stapler

  • iPad

  • camera

What To Wear?

  • Always bring clothes that match your style and personality.

  • Stay away from clothes with busy patterns. Solid colors are best. No logos (except your own of course!)

  • Any color is great for tops, but remember that very bright colors can draw away from your face so pick something slightly more subdued. There are even colors of clothing that are so bright that a camera has trouble reproducing them and they look completely different in the final image.

  • Bring an undershirt or camisole if you are shooting in multiple outfits. It saves time to be able to change tops quickly in the studio for more headshot looks. For men, wear an undershirt with a V-neck if possible as it is less likely to show up in the photos that way.

  • Undergarments. Make sure to include the right undergarments for the tops you bring. You might be disappointed if you bring that super cute tank top or strapless dress but you forgot a strapless bra.

  • Make sure any clothes that you bring are clean and neatly pressed. This goes double for collared shirts and suits. We do not remove wrinkles in Photoshop.

  • If you want to bring jewelry, make sure that it matches. Gold earrings don’t look great with a silver necklace, etc. Simple studs or hoops and simple necklaces are great, if you normally wear something more than that go for it!

  • Before you head out the door, make sure to grab a unique article of clothing or two. Do you have some cool fedoras? What about a really great leather jacket or a scarf you love? You never know what might come out of a shoot so grab that item and bring it with you.

Hair & Makeup

Session day isn’t a time I recommend trying something new with your hair. Style your hair in a way that makes you feel confident and comfortable! If you do want to try something different, give it a test run (or two) before your session day.

If you would like your hair and/or makeup done for you, I highly recommend Crystal Vazquez who offers on site hair and makeup. You can find more information about her services at crystalvazquez.com

Just like with your hairstyle, photo days aren’t the best days for trying new makeup looks. Everything you wear should be something that makes you feel your best!

For face makeup, I encourage you to make sure your foundation does match your skin (especially if you’ve recently done self-tanner) and is well blended. You don’t have to wear a bold lipstick, but something in a shade close to your natural lip color helps define them in such a beautiful way!

 YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! I want to capture the person you are! Our time together is meant to capture moments that you’ll look back on and smile about, so be YOU.